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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy busy-

Did you know there is now a real gun store at the AAFEES Base exchange? How cool is that? I discovered it today during a trip to the base. They have put in a admittedly small gun store in the back of the building with a reasonable selection of handguns, shotguns and rifles. There is also several rows of accessories and typical stuff, all for sale with NO sale tax! Sweet.

Anyway, I was in there during lunch today and immediately ran into 3 of the people I went on base to see. So I got to do some networking without a bunch of running about. I also contacted the guy in charge of the Disabled Vet hiring preference list and have just about completed that package. I mailed off a Valentines package to the grandbabies, boxed up a Tracker motor and a couple front axle ring & pinion assemblies that tomorrow I'll figure out how to ship to a buyer in Nevada and took the BSU to see From Paris With Love, the recent John Travolta action adventure flick.

As for the movie- think Lethal Weapon but this time the crazy guy is the old guy not the youn one and you about have it. There's more stuff blowing up than in any Die Hard flick and the shootemups are as wild as Mr & Mrs Smith. In other words, it's a hoot. There won't be any Best Picture nominations coming for it but it is a wild ride of a movie.

I've been job hunting and have applied a couple places this week, including one place where a buddy works. He got in touch and asked me to send a resume which I promptly complied with so hopefully something will kick open soon.

Oh yeah, I've had to free 2 neighborhood cats from my terrorist trap in the past 2 days. Hopefully they are smart enough to stay away the 2nd time. One of the cats lives on the neighbor's back porch but is completely feral, the other one I've never seen before but he looked like he might be living rough too as his tail was badly matted.

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